Protein essential for wound healing

The study, which was completed by researchers at the University of Washington School of Medicine, may have important implications for the treatment of diseases associated with abnormal blood vessel growth, such as the common wound healing in diabetes and blindness caused by macular degeneration. W---

What are the prices of wallpaper?

Many people at home decorate will consider wallpaper, but they started to be a little confused when making a general budget. I do n’t know the price of wallpaper . I also collected a lot of information on this issue. Generally, the wallpaper is divided into several grades, and the pr---

224967-52-6 alkaline green 5, methylene green

Name: Alkaline Green 5, Methylene Green CAS No.: 224967-52-6 C16H17ClN4O2S? 0.5ZnCl2=433.0 Grade: For microscopy Content: ≥60.0% Properties: Dark green or brown or black powder, soluble in water Use: Biochemical the study. Save: RTFacial Tissue PaperFacial Tissue,Facial Tissue Paper,Facial Tis---