Transparent blister packaging system

Bend & Peel(R) is a new child-friendly, elderly-friendly (CR/SF) transparent blister packaging system for the pharmaceutical industry. According to reports, it is designed for packaging prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs. The use of existing tools and filling lines requires little o---

UVC disc ink and its use

Substrates Substrates: CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs, VCDs and other substrates. End Uses End product examples: CD, CD-R, DVD, VCD, etc. Product Information Product Features: Get smooth, bright color effects on CDs and meet the optical speed of discs. Application information Method of use: Screen-printing m---

Dry food material bag packaging device

[Abstract] A bag packing device (10) for drying food materials, wherein a packing mechanism (16) is arranged in a unitary manner in a common rack (18) on a weighing mechanism (13) storing a dry food material (12) The lower part. The weighing mechanism (13) has a plurality of take-out tubes (22) to---

Printing substrates and printing methods

The present invention relates to a printing substrate comprising a substrate having a lipophilic surface having a Gurley-Hill permeability greater than 5000 s/100 ml; the ink printed on the substrate has an IGT ink viscosity at a 30 second delay time. The dirty value is greater than 0.60. The pres---