Autumn whitening care first aid


If the skin is properly maintained , it will be the best golden period for your skin to experience summer damage, and repair the skin together.

Wash your face is the most basic

In fact, everyone may not pay much attention to it. How to wash your face is really a very deep study. Especially in the autumn, it is easy to dry and itchy season. How to wash your face is really a problem. For dry skin in autumn, it is recommended to avoid cleansing facial cleanser and use a face wash such as amino acid surfactant. If you don't have a budget to change your face, change it on your cleansing habits. First foam on your hands, clean it for the T-position, and gently dry the cheeks.

Whitening care first aid

After a hot, sunny summer, the skin has been devastated to varying degrees. The deep color is really inevitable. Therefore, autumn has become the maintenance period of whitening. But do you know that when the humidity and temperature are different from those in the summer, the whitening should be braked first, because the skin is sunburned, the acne is serious, the sensitivity is sensitive and the water and oil are not balanced, it is not suitable for whitening immediately.


At this moment in the fall, you should calm down and soothe the skin's discomfort. You can use a spray to reduce the inflammatory reaction. In addition to simple moisturizing, you should not do too much maintenance. Oh, spray spray needs to be beaten. Do not use too much strength to cause the skin to re-stimulate, wait for the skin to be stable after the skin, then use whitening skin care products, so as not to cause the melanin pigment to be overactive, but pigmentation, affecting whitening.

Soothes moisturizing and enhances defense

The arrival of autumn, because of the weather and after the summer, the skin is particularly prone to temper, in an inflamed state. Therefore, before hydrating, you need to do a good job of calming and calming, and isolate sensitive sources. If there is no way to avoid sensitivity, then the first thing to do is to understand the cause of skin sensitivity, to treat the medicine, and to avoid excessive cleaning. Do regular moisturizing intensive care.

ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001 Certificate,
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E. Outer cover: Soft Covering PVC

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d.Environmental protection
e.Uneasy to lose shape

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