Bathroom ceramics purchase tips are less absorbent


In addition to sofas and beds in our homes, the most accommodating skin is the sanitary ware. This sounds a bit confusing, but I think it's really the case. From this point of view, the quality of sanitary ware products is really very important.

Bathroom ceramics buying tips: the less water, the better

Sanitary ware consists of sanitary ceramics and some accessories, including various toilets, water tanks, bathtubs, face washers, etc. Although the structure of such products is not complicated, the quality of each small accessory directly affects the use effect and life of the product, especially the toilet product, how the water saving effect is more important. Experts pointed out that the choice of ceramic parts in sanitary ware can be roughly divided into three steps.

The first step is to do three things before buying. First, determine the overall style of the sanitary ware. With the improvement of living standards, people's aesthetic requirements for the bathroom are gradually increasing. At present, there is no shortage of products in the market that meet the economic affordability of ordinary consumers. Therefore, you must have a sense of support before buying, including style, color and so on. Those open bathrooms are also matched to the overall style of the living room. The best choice is to buy the same brand of products, even if the products of different brands should try to achieve a uniform style and match.

Second, the reliability of the promotion should be discerned during the purchase. According to relevant experts, some companies will abuse some signs in order to attract consumers' "eyeballs", exaggerate product functions, and even make false propaganda. For example, as consumers become more aware of “authentication”, some companies will mark the “Centre Center Certification” at the target location. In this regard, consumers can go to the website of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration to inquire whether the certification body has been approved by the state, and whether the certification referred to by the enterprise is consistent with the concept of unified certification by the state, and should not be misled.

The third step is to have a basic judgment on the quality of the product when purchasing. The inspection and judgment of appearance quality include two aspects. One is to check whether the surface is smooth and avoid cracking. The surface of the product can be viewed from the side, with no or few blisters and pitting, good reflective effect, and delicate touch, indicating good glaze quality. The second is to gently tap with your finger to hear whether the sound is crisp, the quality of the ceramic products is crisp, and the cracked ceramic products generally emit a hoarse sound.

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