Buying mahogany furniture is not recommended


There are many people who have a habit of buying a mahogany home, that is, they like to order. If you go to the mahogany furniture store to see the furniture, the sales staff will also recommend it, let you go to their factory to see, because the style of the factory is more complete, but also can understand the strength of the manufacturer. In the minds of most customers, I think so. I think it is more reliable to go to the factory, and I can master the size. It seems to be cheaper.

Professor Liu Peng, who studies wood for a lifetime, does not think so. Professor Liu said that mahogany furniture is different from other products. It not only has use value, but also has collection and appreciation. It is a work of art that incorporates the passion of the creator.

Many people who buy furniture have the feeling that when they buy furniture, they are suddenly attracted by a beautiful pattern of furniture in a certain store, or marvel at the exquisite carving. Perhaps the same style of furniture has been seen in other stores, but the furniture in front of it has a different brilliance. Yes, this is because the personality of this piece of furniture has attracted you. At this time, many people decided to buy at this house, and they asked for customization.

But here, it is recommended that you do not order, because the custom-made furniture looks exactly the same as the size and style of the furniture you choose in the furniture store, but the details are not the same. First of all, the matching pattern of the furniture is different. Two pieces of furniture of the same style have different patterns and their values ​​are different. There is also the difference in the carving of furniture. The carving of more furniture depends not only on the shape of the sculpture, but also on its god. Perhaps the furniture you were looking at was made by the factory's master craftsmanship, and the craftsmanship was just right. If you made it again, maybe someone else would do it. Naturally, the style features retained are different.

Mahogany furniture is not produced and produced mechanically like other furniture. Most mahogany furniture is handcrafted, and there are more traces of personally retained individuals. So, if you are looking at the piece of furniture in the store, I suggest you choose this one. This is your first choice for the unique personality of this piece of furniture.

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