Chen Zhengxiong: PCB production value can increase by another 10% next year


Taiwan Printed Circuit Board International Application Exhibition debuted yesterday (20)! Chen Zhengxiong, chairman of the Taiwan Circuit Board Association, said that in the fourth quarter, there was a little boom in the peak season, but the annual growth rate of printed circuit board output was still 20%, and it could grow another 10% next year.

Taiwan's printed circuit board (TPCAShow) international application exhibition has been held 11 times this year, becoming the second largest printed circuit board (PCB) exhibition in the world, second only to Japan's JPCAShow. In recent years, TPCA has continued to combine electronic assembly and green technology to expand its scale. This year, the new thermal management industry has been integrated into four major themes of PCB, electronic assembly, green technology and thermal management. There are 263 exhibitors and 1,118 booths, which is superior to last year. The exhibition will be held until the 22nd, and it is expected to attract 15,000 people to buy hot gas.

TPCAShow opened yesterday, with Taiwan stocks rising 78 points, the shares of listed cabinet PCB related industry manufacturers also generally rose with congratulations, especially PCB upstream fiberglass gauze, copper foil substrate (CCL) factory relatively dazzling, Taiwan Optoelectronics, Lianmao, Fuqiao Dehong is on the daily limit. Chen Zhengxiong said that NTInformation estimates that this year's global PCB production value will grow by 17.8% compared with last year. Taiwanese PCB benefited from the electronics industry's economic recovery this year, and smart phones and tablet PCs promoted electronic technology products to contend, the annual growth rate of cross-strait output value. Up to 20%, the increase is higher than the global, according to relevant information, Taiwanese PCB can increase by about 10% next year.

Chen Zhengxiong said that the information technology (IT) industry has a bad mood in the second half of the year, and the fourth quarter is relatively weak. The mobile phone PCB factory is the only one in the market. In the case of Apple products and smart phone orders, the high-density connection (HDI) board capacity is fully loaded.

The PCB industry is not weak in the first half of this year. In the past two years, the relatively weak mobile phone PCB factory has sprung up in the second half of the year, becoming the group with high transparency in the fourth quarter. Mobile phone HDI related manufacturers Huatong, Nanxun, Yaohua, Xinxing yesterday The increase ranged from 1.74% to 5.05%. Xinxing, which had been repeatedly sold by legal persons, rose 2.35 yuan and 5.05%, and closed at 48.85 yuan.

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