Children's educational toys are safe and practical.


Children's educational toys
Ring ring, crowbar: suitable for 2 to 4 months baby. The eyes of newborn babies like to focus on an object, so the baby within 4 months should choose bright, large, musical toys to promote visual and auditory development. For example, hanging a simple and bright balloon in a child's bed or in a car is conducive to the child's visual development. However, it should be noted that the position should be changed frequently to avoid strabismus and head.
Building blocks, cloth books: baby for more than 6 months. The baby's various movements begin to appear intentional, can sit independently and climb freely. The movement of the body expands the range of baby exploration. At this time, you can choose a variety of drag toys, music drawstrings, hammer drums, building blocks, etc. The cloth book is a good choice. It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of large brands and bulky toy blocks. Do not choose those small particles to avoid accidental swallowing.
Ball: Suitable for babies over 7 months. At this point the child can sit up and grab the object or climb on the bed, then choose simple, fun, durable toys, add some sports toys, such as small balls. In addition, toy pianos and nested toys can also meet the baby's playing needs at this stage. Parents and babies can interact with each other while playing the ball, and can exercise the hand-eye coordination ability of the baby.
Plasticine, brush, animal toys that are pulled away: suitable for babies over 1 year old. Children of this age are most fond of throwing things. They should choose inspiring and active toys that can be grasped by hand. It is better to not break. You can also graffiti, creative painting, and plasticine. But when choosing plasticine, try to choose the tasteless, non-sticky, especially edible, and urge your baby to wash your hands after playing.
Wear beads, toy car : suitable for babies over 2 years old. The 2 year old baby has gone very stable. The baby at this stage needs a learning environment and they are interested in playing some intelligence toys . At this time, wearing beads and toy cars is very suitable. Letters, words, and writing boards are also suitable. Toys of logical reasoning also begin to attract children's interest. However, it should be noted that the loose parts on the toy , the unsticked eyes and nose on the plush toy , the buttons on the toy, the wheels on the car, etc., these small parts may cause suffocation, parents must Look around.
Tricycles, skates: suitable for babies over 3 years old. After 3 years old, the baby can walk freely. The intellectual toy is still necessary. In addition, it is also important to exercise the baby's sports ability. Sports toys such as tricycles, skates, various ball toys, rope sets, Cars are suitable for babies. At this point, the toy also began to show the difference in gender, the female baby is more inclined to play the house game, the male baby likes the toy car.
At the same time, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing toys for your child?
Children's toy selection considerations
Age-appropriate, teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Parents can choose according to the recommended age on the toy packaging, the child's physical and mental development speed, and purchase toys suitable for the age of the baby. Toys of the appropriate age will be designed according to the age and physical and mental development of the child. Not only will the safety be checked first, but the intelligence will not be too simple or too difficult. It will not let the child lose interest or frustration with the toy at once. On the other hand, children can also enjoy a sense of accomplishment that controls freedom and build confidence.
Safety first, parents check. In order to prevent the toy from becoming a child's invisible killer, you should check whether there is a safety toy stamp on the package, and clearly indicate the main ingredients and materials, age, method of use, warning signs, etc., as well as the name of the manufacturer. , address, phone and other related information. Try to avoid falling parts and small accessories as much as possible to prevent the baby from putting it in the mouth, nose or ears, causing the risk of ingestion or suffocation. Also, pay attention to the quality of the toy material and ingredients to avoid buying inferior quality. Toys, so as not to cause allergies and poisoning of the baby.
The price is reasonable, about three chapters of the law. In the face of a dazzling array of toys, how to choose, in order to meet the baby's play needs, but also in line with their own economic conditions? In fact, toys are just a medium to help your baby grow up. Therefore, parents should choose the right toys according to their physical and mental development, instead of expensive toys. More importantly, they should also have parental companionship and participation.
Finally, let's introduce a few ways to play games with your children.
Teach you and children to play games
I heard about children's songs: I chose some simple and interesting children's songs to tell the children every day that the last word of each sentence should be easy to pronounce, or you can record it to your child. When talking about children's songs, it is best to carry expressions and movements, while talking about the children's songs, rhythmically shaking the children or holding the children to move rhythmically. Try to have your child imitate after repeating it many times. Children's participation not only promotes their pronunciation and understanding of gestures and expressions, but also increases their interest.
I know: play with children, small animals, vehicles and other image toys, let the children know the name of the toy. When playing toys, the adult demonstrates a simple movement, and the name of the toy is spoken. After repeated training, the child can indicate the corresponding toy according to the question. You can also use your hand to block his eyes, change the toy to a place, let go of the hand and let the child take the toy. If the child can take the toy, he understands the name of the toy and remembers the characteristics of the toy. 5 minutes each time, 1 or 2 times a week.
Pull it over: put the toy far away from the child, tie the toy with the thread, and put the other hand on the child's hand, let the child find a way to pull the toy over the line. Put an obstacle between the toy and the child, such as a quilt, a pillow, etc., so that the child can see the toy, but can not easily get it, encourage him to find a way to get the toy. Through the process of solving problems, exercise your child's intuitive action thinking ability.
Parents can choose educational toys that are suitable for playing with their children.

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