Dry food material bag packaging device


[Abstract] A bag packing device (10) for drying food materials, wherein a packing mechanism (16) is arranged in a unitary manner in a common rack (18) on a weighing mechanism (13) storing a dry food material (12) The lower part. The weighing mechanism (13) has a plurality of take-out tubes (22) to (25) arranged side by side to take out the dry food material (12) in the funnel (21); and the dried food material (12) after taking it out. Weighing and temporary accumulation of metering buckets (27) to (30) with opening and closing dampers (26), the dry food material (12) in each weighing bucket (27) to (30) is opened and closed The baffle (26) is discharged to the take-out chute (31), and is then supplied to the directly below packaging mechanism (16) by the take-out chute (31).
[Sovereign Items] 1. A bag-packing device for a dry food material, comprising: a weighing mechanism for taking out the accumulated dry food material after being weighed; and the drying to be taken out by the weighing mechanism at a predetermined amount each time The food material is sequentially loaded into a packaging mechanism for sealing in a pouch continuously formed of a band-shaped packaging material having a certain width, characterized in that the packaging mechanism is integrally disposed at a lower position of the weighing mechanism through a common frame. The weighing mechanism has: (1) a funnel capable of accumulating the dry food material and slowly discharged from the lower part; (2) each independently driven by rotation, horizontally inclined in the take-out direction, or arranged obliquely downward and rotated; a plurality of side-by-side discharge tubes disposed slowly from the dried food material discharged from the hopper; (3) disposed on the downstream side of the take-out tube respectively, and weighing the dry food material by a predetermined amount In the lower part, there is a measuring bucket for opening and closing the opening and closing shutter that takes out the temporarily stored dry food material in the lower part; (4) The drying that can be discharged from each metering bucket is possible. A removal chute for feeding the food material to the packaging mechanism is stored in a predetermined amount of the dry food material in each weighing bucket, and is taken out of the take-out shutter through the opening and closing flap of the weighing bucket. The lanes are discharged, and are sequentially supplied at a high speed to the packaging mechanism directly below through the take-out chute.

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