Full temperature shaker features and maintenance


The full-temperature shaker is a biochemical instrument that combines a temperature-controlled incubator and an oscillator. It is indispensable for precision culture and preparation of research, education, and production departments such as plants, biology, microbiology, genetics, viruses, environmental protection, and medicine. Laboratory equipment.
Full temperature shaker maintenance:
1. Proper use and attention to the maintenance of the instrument, so that it is in good working condition, can extend the service life of the instrument.
2. During the continuous operation, the instrument should do a regular inspection every three months: check whether water droplets, dirt, etc. fall into the motor and control components; check the main characteristics of the fuse, control components and fastening screws full temperature shaker:
1 temperature control is accurate, digital display.
2 Open oxygen hole, the oxygen working chamber is fully oxygenated.
3 has mechanical timing, and the temperature control part has intelligent timing.
The 4 universal spring bottle holder is especially suitable for the preparation of biological samples for a variety of comparative experiments.
5 stepless speed regulation, smooth operation. Easy and safe to operate.
Note when using a full temperature shaker:
It can enter the cooling state 10 minutes after starting up. When cooling, the temperature can be directly cooled under normal temperature. If the temperature is set to ≥45 degrees, the compressor is in self-protection state and cannot be directly cooled. When it is higher than normal temperature, it is better to open the cover. The actual temperature is close to the normal temperature, which can reduce the load of the refrigeration compressor and prolong the service life of the instrument. The set temperature is higher than normal temperature and can be directly heated.

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