Grinding process common failure analysis - adhesion and smell


2. Adhesion and smell

(1) Failure phenomenon Insufficient infrared or ultraviolet light intensity, lamp aging, insufficient drying or full curing; excessive diluent or wrong coating or misuse of thinner, especially excessive slow drying aid The curing and drying of the varnish oil, especially in the rainy season with high humidity and low temperature, or in the freezing cold winter season, often occur. The varnish coating is too thick, especially the surface of the varnish is uneven, or the coating is uneven. The roller eccentricity leads to the uneven thickness of the varnish film; the varnishing machine speed is too fast and the varnish drying and curing cannot be adapted; the resin softening point of the varnishing oil system is too low, and often the performance of the varnish is good and the dry varnish is poor, or the varnish system The compatibility of the resin is unreasonable and the odor of the resin is large. The ultraviolet photo-ultraviolet oil system photoinitiator is unsuitable; the infrared and ultraviolet light sources are insufficient, and the drying path is too short and the cooling is too fast; the varnish oil storage time inhales moisture, resulting in containers Inside the gas accumulation or light oil particles back to coarse; packaging printing ink is not dry, affecting the curing and drying of the varnish; ink is not dry.

(2) Solution Replace the new infrared or ultraviolet lamp, or adjust the voltage so that the light intensity meets the requirements, so that the thinner in the varnish system can be completely released or cured to form a film; use less diluent, or use Special coating oils or compatible diluents avoid the addition of plasticizing diluents, and appropriate amounts of slow-drying thinners. In the north, it is easy to be invaded by water molecules to improve resistance to high humidity and cold temperatures in the Meiyu or frosty freezing season or in the southern coastal areas during high temperature weather. The coating or transfer of coating oil is as thin and smooth as possible. , change or correct the eccentric coating roller; coating in the coating process, speed, light oil swing rate, light energy intensity as much as possible to adapt to avoid speed too fast, or varnish into If the film is too slow, the light quantum cannot absorb the back-tack effect caused by the varnish molecules; choose a small odor, a high softening point or thermosetting + thermoplastic and balance the resin in the varnish system, increase the amount of photoinitiator; adjust the power supply, Raise the temperature to meet the infrared, ultraviolet light source, lengthen the drying tunnel or extend the conveyor belt, or slow down the speed, and ensure adequate drying and then extend the cooling time properly; Polishing oil should be stored at a temperature of about 25, ventilation, dark Dry warehouse. In particular, avoid contact with water or with different types, different brands of varnish mixed; before coating glazing should be used thoroughly dried, cured ink ink film semi-finished products, if necessary, add curing driers; selection and varnish Dry speed corresponding ink printing.


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