How is the construction of the whole field paving method for plastic track and field?


The whole paving method was developed in recent years. It was developed based on the block paving method. With the improvement of the level of mechanization at the base construction of the track and field, the flatness of the asphalt concrete has also improved. , The plastic surface layer uses a large area of ​​paving operations, such as the runway area, eight runways for a full-scale paving. Tighten the two screws with a horizontal rake below, or screw the screws under the wooden squeegee to control the thickness of the plastic. See diagram


The advantages of this operation are not only the elimination of the woodblock process of the block method, but also the saving of wood, the addition of block construction progress, and the elimination of the joints between each block. However, it has disadvantages, that is, construction equipment must meet the needs, the supply of mixing materials cannot be too long, the thickness is more difficult to grasp, the time for spreading the surface layer rubber is more difficult to grasp, the area for spreading is increased, and the manual operation requires technical level. higher.

The entire construction method can be used for one-time paving molding or multi-layer paving molding. It is best to use for multi-layer paving molding.

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