How to choose a good pillow at home


There are all kinds of pillows on the market, so a wide variety of pillows, you can not pick a blind eye, the price can only be used as a reference, the key is to be aware of the best, choose the most suitable for yourself.

Buckwheat pillow - there is a reason

It is a natural material pillow. Traditional things have been handed down, and there is always reason for it. Buckwheat has a tough, non-fragile diamond structure, and the buckwheat pelt can change shape as the head moves left and right, making it comfortable to sleep. The method of cleaning is to periodically expose to the sun. Suitable for summer use.

Chemical fiber pillow - cheap but not practical

This is a kind of pillow made of ordinary man-made fiber. Because the chemical fiber material is not breathable, it is easy to deform and form a block after a long time, and it lacks elasticity, and the pillow is in a state of unevenness. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not choose this cheap but not practical pillow when purchasing pillows.

Latex pillow - in addition to the price is good

Latex has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, and has strong supporting force. It is said that latex can change the shape of the head for children whose bones are developing, and there are no allergens such as dust and fiber that cause respiratory allergies. Some latex pillows also have the effect of massaging and promoting blood circulation. Latex pillows are ideal pillows, but they are also more expensive.

Down pillow - easy to use but inconvenient to clean

A good down pillow should have a larger down, which has better bulkiness, can provide better support for the head, and will not be deformed due to long use. And the down has the advantages of light weight, breathability and no sultry heat. The down pillow is a good material pillow, the disadvantage is that it can not be washed.

Health pillow - how to look at your own feelings

The general health pillow is a combination of traditional Chinese herbal medicines combined with forage materials, so that you can calm your mind, cool your eyes, prevent disease and strengthen your body during an unconscious sleep. But the health pillow is not really effective, but also depends on your own feelings.

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