How to solve the after-sales maintenance of mahogany furniture after purchase?


The after-sales maintenance of mahogany furniture has always been a headache for many mahogany furniture companies. On the one hand, there are fewer experienced maintenance technicians, and on the other hand, because if you want to set up after-sales maintenance points in many cities and regions, the cost will be very high. high. With few resources and high costs, it is naturally reminiscent of a word - "resource sharing."

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Assume that the after-sales maintenance service of the mahogany furniture industry realizes resource sharing. Many mahogany furniture companies establish a common after-sales service point in a region or city. As long as the mahogany furniture purchased in these enterprises can be used for after-sales maintenance and repair. The cost is settled by the maintenance point with each company. This maximizes resource sharing and cost savings.

So this method is not feasible?

The author interviewed a number of mahogany furniture companies and some industry experts on this issue. Industry insiders said that they will send personnel to carry out after-sales maintenance in the form of national maintenance every year. The main staff consists of an experienced maintenance master and a tracker. The maintenance cost of this form is still very high. Many repair tools and maintenance materials need to be checked, plus maintenance personnel's fare, meals, accommodation, travel subsidies, etc., and spend a lot of money on after-sales maintenance every year. ”

And if you can establish maintenance points shared by many companies in key cities, this is very beneficial to save after-sales maintenance costs. But if the master of this stagnation is sent by the brand, we may not consider this form of resource sharing. Because in the mahogany furniture industry, experienced maintenance personnel are very scarce. For large companies like us, there are not many experienced maintenance personnel, not to mention some small businesses. If we send a master to serve a number of companies, we will risk a lot of brain drain. ”

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Resource sharing third party unified maintenance or feasible

Gao Su, the executive vice president and secretary general of the China Traditional Furniture Research Association, also mentioned: "This after-sales service point cannot be composed of any enterprise, because if it is composed of enterprises, it will involve The problem of trade secrets. This company will master the customer resources, product work, repair rate, etc. of other companies, which is very unfavorable for other companies." Song Xianzheng, business manager of Zhongshan Shuyuxuan Kungfu Tea Set Co., Ltd. agrees with Gao Su The point of view, and stated that Shui Yuxuan will not try this kind of resource sharing. "At present, Shuiyuxuan has more direct stores in the Pearl River Delta. What problems have occurred in the customer's furniture, and it can be sent directly from the direct store to repair." Like other cities that do not have direct sales stores, dealers send people to repair, and then report the corresponding maintenance costs to the head office. But this procedure is more complicated and not standardized, and it is easy to cause omissions in the middle, and it is easy to cause maintenance service to be slow. And other issues."

How to solve the after-sales maintenance of mahogany furniture after purchase? 2.jpg

It is not feasible for the company to appoint maintenance personnel. If the maintenance work is handled by a third party, Gao Su said: “The maintenance point must be undertaken by a specialized and independent after-sales service company. Now the social division of labor is coming. The more detailed, the after-sales service of mahogany furniture may eventually be subdivided, and the third party will undertake after-sales maintenance, and the company only needs to be responsible for supervision and follow-up."

Uniform maintenance by third parties can relatively avoid some industry risks, but if all are handed over to third-party maintenance points, if the consumers are not satisfied during the maintenance process, such as maintenance quality problems, slow speed, bad attitude, etc. This will directly affect the brand image of the company itself. As far as the current situation of the mahogany furniture industry is concerned, a mature after-sales service system has not yet been formed. Whether it is composed of enterprises to form maintenance points or independent maintenance by an independent after-sales maintenance company, the current stage is not very mature. All face a variety of problems, and it will take some time to explore and run in. At present, there are not many mahogany furniture enterprises that can realize after-sales maintenance. To perfect this link, enterprises need to actively invest and try to find a service that suits them and caters to the public.

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