Lafuma LXT Dry-tech Technology Series Explosion Market


Since the beginning of autumn, the hot weather that people feel as if they are suffering is about to pass. However, the power of the "Autumn Tigers" after the beginning of autumn is not to be underestimated. Some time ago, the weather was hot and the popularity of professional outdoor apparel was hot. Among these, the world-famous outdoor brand Lafma launched its LXT Dry-tech line of self-owned fabrics.

The introduction of Lafuma LXT Dry-tech (LXT Dry-tech) solves the problem of people doing outdoor activities in the hot sun like a steam sauna. Its excellent moisture-absorbing and quick-drying function can effectively evaporate and discharge the sweat produced in human body movements, thereby avoiding the discomfort of sweat permeating the clothes and attaching to the skin surface. The fabric also has good air permeability and can make the human body momentarily. Keep it dry and comfortable.

Clothes are the middle layer between nature and the human body. Technology that meets the needs of the human body and meets the needs of the environment can naturally detonate the market. According to the survey, Lafuma LXT Dry-tech quick-drying fabric products have occupied enough market share for competitors within two weeks of listing.

Lafuma brand is distributed in 45 countries and regions all over the world. It is known as the world's most fashionable professional outdoor brand. It has considerable influence in France and even in Europe. Ever since the brand was established, Lafuma has been a leader in fashion and outdoor dedication. Breaking down the rigid style of outdoor clothing styles, lost the dull rough colors, Lafuma's designers use bright, rich colors for unique style design and ergonomic tailoring, while creating excellent outdoor product features, It also adds its own French fashion to Lafuma outdoor clothing.

Since the birth of the brand in 1930, the essence of Lafuma has been mountain and nature. It has constantly improved itself with the “Alpine spirit that never gives up”. Lafuma has rewritten the chapters of world history together with adventurers who are adept at challenging the limits. Its value goes far beyond the “outdoor brand” itself. This makes Lafuma still maintain its vitality in the brand history is much longer than other mainstream brands.
A variety of fabric effects - composite functional fabrics with this feature is a major trend in the future. Lafuma's best-selling LXT Dry-tech quick-drying series in this season highlights the main moisture-absorbing and quick-drying functions. It also takes into account the realization of other functions. It perfectly solves the problem that outdoor enthusiasts have to carry equipment in different situations when they travel. Many problems. LXT Dry-tech quick-drying products can not only quickly absorb sweat and perspiration, but also keep the clothes dry and dry, reduce sweating and maintain physical strength of the wearer. It also has anti-ultraviolet function and can effectively resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays. Lafuma French style fashion design, combined with technology leading fabric production, so that even if the wearer in daily life, also shine.
As the heat will pass and the autumn tiger will be “coming out”, the continued popularity of the Lafuma LXT Dry-tech series will give people confidence in Lafuma’s future performance in the outdoor and fashion market. By matching different solutions for outdoor environmental needs, the Lafuma LXT Dry-tech has become more and more widely used and has been widely welcomed by wearers, becoming the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts to perform outdoor activities in summer and autumn. Lafuma LXT Dry-tech succeeded in bringing the functionality of outdoor technical fabrics to new heights.

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