Mahogany furniture rose for eight months


Although the current public investment and wealth management categories are becoming more and more abundant, the investment in Hongmu, which is rich in cultural flavor, hobbies and investment, has attracted a lot of investors' attention.瀚晟堂红木家具

Since the beginning of this year, mahogany furniture has been bullish for eight consecutive months, with a gain of over 40%. The industry believes that for ordinary citizens, the mahogany furniture collection should take the boutique route, so that the appreciation potential will be even greater.
Contradictions between supply and demand prompted the introduction of mahogany furniture. According to the insiders, the orders for rosewood classical furniture have increased significantly this year. Many collectors, regardless of price and time, can be unique in the market. The so-called fine product is that the high-end mahogany furniture that is required to be collected must be tailor-made for the collectors by folk artisans. The design, drawing and style must be original, the original color of the wood is carved by the master, and there must be a famous craftsman. Falling money.
In the case of a stable domestic economic environment, the contradiction between supply and demand between the gradually expanding consumer groups and the scarcity of precious material resources will further promote the price of mahogany furniture. High-end mahogany furniture collections should have a sense of quality, and should emphasize the big carvings, big creations, and big productions. When the purchaser purchases mahogany furniture, the invoice must be clearly marked, to determine the specific name and origin of the wood, can not be general, such as the red rosewood, it must be written whether it is Thailand or Laos or other places, it is best to find qualified and Reputable merchants buy.
Investors go to Vietnam to grab logs. Due to the downturn in the stock market and the shock of the property market, Redwood has attracted many investors. It is understood that the market of mahogany raw materials in the Chinese market has been extremely hot recently, especially in the market of Indian lobular rosewood (scientific name sandalwood rosewood) and red rosewood (scientific name Sian rosewood).
In order to compete for the resources of the logs, the investors even ran abroad from abroad. “After the Spring Festival, there are five or six hundred timber merchants stationed in the Vietnamese market every month to buy materials.” Ren Siping, who just returned from Vietnam, said that Vietnam’s Beining Province is the main distribution center for redwood raw materials in Southeast Asia. Domestic mahogany is in a hurry, and some investors are simply Directly stationed here, often a shot to buy is tens of millions of yuan.
Rosewood is the focus of the market. "Relatively, the price of rosewood is relatively moderate, both practical and investment-collecting value. Many high-end customers are staring at Siamese rosewood."

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