Main considerations for the acceptance of woodworking


What should you pay attention to when accepting acceptance of woodworking?

1 Look at the gap: It is the wooden sealing line, the corner line, the waist line decorative panel, the seam of the mouth is not more than 0.2mm, the angle between the line and the line is not more than 0.3mm, the veneer and the plate are not more than 0.2mm, and the sliding door is full. The error does not exceed 0.3mm.

2 Look at the structure: Whether the structure is straight. Whether horizontal or vertical, the correct woodworking practice should be straight.

3 Look at the corner: Whether the corner is accurate. Normal corners are all 90 degrees, with the exception of special design factors.

4 Look at the mosaic: Whether the mosaic is strict and accurate. Proper wooden parquet, to be seamless or to maintain a uniform separation distance.

5 Look at the arc: Whether the curvature and roundness are smooth and smooth. In addition to a single, multiple identical shapes also ensure consistent shape.

6 Look at the cabinet door: Is the cabinet door switch normal? When the door is opened, it should be light and free of noise.

7 Look leveling: The surface of the woodworking project should be smooth and there is no drum or broken.

8 Look at symmetry: Is the symmetry woodwork project symmetrical?

Precautions for making furniture:

1. The cabinets that I made never bought beautifully, so I decided to buy furniture or consider it before I made furniture.

2, the cabinet made by the workers, generally do not paint inside, in order to use for a long time, you can buy some paint, let the workers help.

3. If you are making furniture, you can consider making a few more drawers. It will be very convenient when used.

4, there are cabinets on the balcony, it will be very convenient, especially suitable for putting food, not insects.

Static Rope

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Description of Static Rope

Static rope is of double-layer structure. Sheath is made of woven nylon 6 fibers, to protect the inner core, decrease the overall abrasion, and to increase the strength. Inner core is three parallel twisted twins composed of a certain number of nylon 66 fibers, to meet the requirements of ultra-low static elongation, and most importantly ensure the utilization rate of the strength.


UL Certification is North America standard. Comply with NFPA1983-2012 standard, mean Standard on life safety rope and equipment for emergency services. Certificated by UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc)


Structure Performance


Polyamide Fiber(Nylon Fiber)


Double layer structure with sleeve and core


White with black(or customized)

Static elongation

between 1% and 10 %( 10% broken strength)

Volume Density

1.14g/Cubic cm

Melting Point

215 degree centigrade



UV & Heat Resistance


Wet and Dry Strength

Wet strength 5% slightly lower than dry strength

Linear Density Tolerance


Diameter Tolerance


 static rope detail

static rope

Static Safety Rope

safety rope

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Static Rope

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