Purification equipment experts teach you how to detect the quality of air equipment


Purification equipment experts teach you how to detect the quality of air equipment

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As we all know, more and more high-efficiency purification equipment is now entering our lives, bringing great changes to the environment and life. Therefore, we should master the correct use methods and learn how to detect the quality of air equipment. It is also a very important part of it. Let the professionals of the purification equipment company teach us some skills today!

First, the principle of experiment

This test generally uses the principle of light scattering. The photomultiplier tube is used to receive the light reflected by the dust particles, and then the size and quantity are measured and analyzed to obtain the corresponding results.

Second, the experimental method

1. Environmental conditions: the temperature of the environment should be controlled between 18--26 °C, and the relative humidity should be controlled between 45--65%;

2, test status: generally in a static environment to test, the number of relevant personnel in the room should not exceed 2;

3. Pressure difference: This is for different indoor cleanliness. The static pressure difference between the clean area and the non-clean area is generally ≥10Pa, and the room with a large amount of dust generated in the process should be kept with other rooms. Relative negative pressure

4. The counter of the dust particles is wiped and disinfected with 75% alcohol, and then irradiated with ultraviolet light for about 30 minutes before being introduced into the clean area;

5. Place the dust particle counter on the table in a horizontal state;

6. Turn on the power of the device. At this time, the instrument will perform a self-test, and then place the port of the device in the position to be measured.

7. When sampling, the sampling head is generally about 2 - 4cm away from the filter. It is slowly scanned along the inside of the filter and in the middle. Finally, the displayed data is observed. After the test is completed, the sampled plastic will be sampled. The tube port is connected to the back of the dust particle counter, let it perform the self-test process, and finally turn off the power.

Third, the conclusion of the experiment

After conducting the experiment by the above-mentioned measurement method, we can see whether there is leakage in the air equipment, and if so, it is necessary to perform a timely plugging or replacement procedure, and the equipment must be re-tested after repair or replacement.

The above methods used by Keyu purification equipment experts to test the quality of air equipment have played a certain role for everyone. No matter what equipment is used, it is necessary to test the quality of the equipment before it. of.

BCM-1000 biological purification workbench

The biological purification workbench is a necessity for tissue culture of animal and plant cells in the fields of medicine and health, bioengineering, and scientific experiments.


1. Biological operation configuration; the bottom of the workbench is equipped with a sewage discharge interface, and the top is equipped with an exhaust filter device.

2, full circulation airflow design, when the work area is a lot of fresh air, open the exhaust vent.

3. The front and back of the workbench are equipped with upper and lower moving doors for flexible positioning.

4, air curtain isolation design to prevent internal and external cross-contamination

5, electrical appliances use remote control switch fast two-speed control

Technical Parameters




Level 100 @≥0.5μm (US Federal 209E)

Number of colonies

<0.5 pcs/dish. (diameter 90mm culture plate)



average wind speed


Vibration half-peak

≤0.5um (X·Y·Z)



power supply

AC, single phase 220V/50HZ (400W)

Maximum power consumption




Working size




High efficiency filter specifications and quantities


Fluorescent / UV lamp specifications and quantities


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