Ranking of China's top ten pipe brands and identification of water pipes


Home renovation, the purchase of water pipe materials and the installation of water pipes also take up some of the expenditure. Water pipes are very important in family life. Tubing brand is the premise of tubing quality assurance. Tubing plays a very important and important role in life, so the purchase of tubing must not be sloppy, and the selection of tubing is the key brand. If the water pipe is not good, there will be water pipe leakage, water pipe cracking and other phenomena. If you need to spend a lot of money to replace the water pipe, this way, it is better to choose a good water pipe when buying a water pipe. So what are the rankings of China's top ten pipe brands ? Today, let's take a look at the ranking of China's top ten pipe brands , and provide a reference for your pipe purchase.

Ranking of China's top ten pipe brands NO.1-Rifeng pipe

Rifeng Pipe is a well-known pipe brand. It is a famous brand of Chinese pipes, a national inspection-free product, and a leading brand of new pipes in the world. Rifeng's main products include heating pipes, water supply pipes, gas pipes, and floor heating pipes.

China's top ten pipe brand ranking No. 2-Jinde Pipe

With the goal of producing green and environmentally friendly pipe products, Jinde Pipe has always been committed to the combination of environmental protection and production. Jinde Pipe has won the honor of "Recommended Product for Green Building Materials" of National Product Quality Inspection Association.

China's top ten pipe brand ranking No. 3-Weixing pipe

Weixing pipe is widely used in gas, sewage, heating, water supply, electricity, etc. The pipe produced by it has good pressure resistance and heat resistance, and the use period is guaranteed.

Ranking of China's top ten pipe brands NO.4-Jinniu pipe

Jinniu Pipe has always been adhering to the principles of being pragmatic, innovative and serving the society. It provides consumers with high-performance, high-quality high-quality pipes with advanced pipe production technology to meet people's demand for pipes.

Ranking No. 5 of China's top ten pipe brands-Baidie pipe

Baidie pipe is also a famous brand in Chinese pipes and one of the pipe brands favored by consumers. Baidie Pipe has always maintained a considerable sales volume.

China's top ten pipe brand ranking No. 6-Aikang. Poly pipe

Ankang Poly Pipe Co., Ltd. is a pipe company mainly engaged in the production of plastic pipes. It specializes in the research and development of world-renowned pipes. Its pipe system has reached 12% of the high-end market in China.

Ranking of China's top ten brands of pipe NO.7—Liansu pipe

Liansu Pipe is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic pipe production equipment. It mainly produces plastic pipes, steel-plastic pipes and other building materials, with innovative production technology and high-quality services.

China's top ten pipe brand ranking NO.8-Zhongcai pipe

Zhongcai Pipe is the largest manufacturer of plastic pipes in China. It has rich experience in the production of pipes. The design of pipes is perfect and unique. In the production of pipes, Zhongcai Pipes strictly controls the quality of the pipeline production.

The ranking of China's top ten pipe brands NO.9-Pilsa pipe

Pilsa pipe has excellent properties such as sanitation, non-toxicity, green environmental protection, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance. In addition, Pilsa pipe has a beautiful appearance, light weight, convenient construction and long service life.

China's top ten pipe brand ranking NO.10-Meiergu pipe

The production goal of Meiergu pipe is to produce the most cost-effective piping system. Therefore, Meiergu pipe is very cost-effective and can create more value for consumers.

How to distinguish the authenticity of water pipes? You can refer to the following identification methods:

1. Product name: The product name of PP-R should be polypropylene pipe for cold or hot water or PP-R pipe for cold or hot water, where it is crowned with ultra-fine particle modified polypropylene pipe (PP-R) or PP-R cold water Pipes, PP-R hot water pipes, PP-E pipes, etc., the informal names are pseudo PP-R pipes.

2. The product testing unit is a non-professional unit. The content of the test project does not match the content listed in the PP-R tube standard. The product recommendation department or product promotion department does not understand the PP-R product standard or the department has no PP-R standard The issued certificates are all pseudo PP-R.

3. The density of pseudo PP-R is slightly larger than PP-R.

4. PP-R tube is white matt or other color matt, pseudo PP-R tube is bright or colorful.

5. The PP-R tube is completely opaque, and the pseudo PP-R tube is slightly transparent or semi-transparent.

6. The PP-R tube feels soft and the pseudo PP-R tube feels smooth.

7. The grounding sound of PP-R pipe is dull, and the grounding sound of pseudo PP-R pipe is relatively crisp.

Editor's summary: The above is an introduction about the ranking of China's top ten pipe brands and the identification of the authenticity of water pipes. I hope it will help everyone. The real PP-R pipe should conform to the standard ISO / DIS15874.2-1999> The fittings should meet the standard ISO / DIS15874.2-1999>; the performance of the pseudo PP-R pipes and fittings cannot pass the above standards. It should be pointed out that the life of the pseudo PP-R tube is only 1-5 years, and the service life of the real PP-R tube is more than 50 years.

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