Six cheats let you use cosmetics safely


From time to time, some friends around me say that after using new cosmetics, there is discomfort. In fact, most of these situations can be avoided. Follow the recommendations in the small series to let you use cosmetics safely and stay away from cosmetic allergies .

Six Cheats Let you use cosmetics safely

1. In theory, there is no absolutely safe cosmetic, except water. We must have this concept in our hearts. The safety we refer to here means no adverse reactions or consequences. Stimuli and allergies can be classified as adverse reactions, at least those that are not what we expect. This has nothing to do with whether the product is good or bad, whether it contains heavy metals, whether it is expensive, or whether it is imported. Some girls often say, "I have never been allergic. How can I be allergic with this?" This is actually a normal phenomenon.

2. Allergy tests should be done before using any new product. Usually the test is performed on the curved side of the forearm, but the sensitivity of the body's skin is lower, so it should be a better choice under the ear or behind the ear. Observe for 24~72 hours, don't wash it, see if there are any uncomfortable reactions, such as redness, swelling, pain, rash and so on. If not, you can use it.

3. Adverse reactions occur after the use of cosmetics and should be discontinued immediately unless the reaction is a known normal rebound. Do not think of adverse reactions as detoxification, or "persistence" because of distressed money.

4, normal rebound often appears in:

1) Hormone-dependent dermatitis stops using hormone-containing products. After using normal, hormone-free products, the skin condition will deteriorate sharply (the focus is on moisturizing and preventing irritation); muscle fasting may also encounter similar situations.

2) Infected papule skin (including hair follicle dermatitis, acne vulgaris, Malassezia folliculitis), after using some products or methods (such as photodynamic therapy) will acne. The criterion for distinguishing between development in a bad direction or normal acne is whether there is a long-term or long-lasting type, and whether it is a long-lasting type, whether there is a sharp deterioration. Therefore, it is extremely important to take a photo before using it, and then take a photo comparison after use.

5. Be vigilant against any product that claims to be quick-acting, especially for freckle and whitening. Because the skin has a law of self-growth, this law cannot be changed arbitrarily. Quick-acting products usually add banned ingredients to the effect, which is harmful to the skin, and this effect is likely to be accompanied by very difficult side effects. Prohibited ingredients usually include: aminoammonium chloride, dexamethasone and the like.

6. Determine if a sexual stimulus is harmful. Some products have a sexual stimulus, and this stimulus can not disappear in a short period of time, has a cumulative effect, it should be discontinued. For example, with a certain water, the first day, the face is stinging, a little red, not disappearing, the next day, still stinging, more red... If you insist on continuing to use, then it is done (please read, sound pull long). At this time, consider whether your skin condition is too low-resistance, fragile and sensitive, whether you need to take measures to calm down, repair, or change the method of use (such as using a cotton pad to rub water may cause sting, while using hand or spray Then no, time, frequency. >>> Daren demonstration Fan Bingbing pink eye makeup step diagram

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