Talking about: Buying wooden doors must not be five


Buying things, we all want to buy high quality, of course, if the price can be more affordable, it is better. In the decoration, this embodiment is even more obvious, because the things to buy have to be used for a long time, and this decoration is better, such as the doors in the home, people pay more attention when buying the door, but buy the door At the time, some ideas are not necessary, so it is unlikely that you will buy a real good door. Let's take a look at some ideas that are not necessary when buying wooden doors.

1, the solid wood door is as heavy as possible

This is the human sensibility of thinking, a wooden door, the surface is all wood, and can not see inside, how do you know that it is completely solid wood, like shavings because of the addition of a lot of adhesive in the production, and finally It is heavier than many solid wood panels.

2, wooden doors can not have color difference

Some people do not allow wooden doors to have a little chromatic aberration when buying wooden doors. This is inevitable for a long time. For example, the factory batches are different, resulting in different colors; the wood veneer is different in material and the wood age is different. The color of the cut pattern is not the same, and so on.

3, buy cheap wooden doors

Of course, this is applicable when purchasing a lot of goods. It is cheap to have nothing good. People can only see the surface of the wooden door. It is impossible to judge the situation inside. The risk of buying cheap is great.

4, through the door lock hole to determine the door core material

For the door core, many consumers will also think about this material. Some people will judge the core material through the door lock, but this is not accurate, because the wooden door will strengthen the lock when it is made. The strength of this piece, the use of good materials and good crafts, you see only a corner.
5, solid wood door is the best

I believe this view is the idea of ​​most people, because in today's more and more natural, solid wood doors are naturally sought after because they are all solid wood, but in fact the stability of solid wood doors is not strong, compared to other doors. More easily deformed, on the contrary, some solid wood composite doors are much better than solid wood doors.

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