Teach you homemade pearl milk tea


In order to make the pearls more "chewable", in addition to the cassava powder, it is necessary to add synthetic polymer materials. To put it bluntly, those polymer materials are plastics, and milk tea is mostly creamer blending. I dare not drink, so take a break and do it at home. Homemade pearl milk tea tastes even better!


Tapioca powder 100g, water 100g, brown sugar 20g

[milk tea]

500ml of fresh milk, 500ml of water, 5 packs of Lipton black tea, a little white sugar

Homemade pearl milk tea (with pearl formula)

1. Part of the pearl, boil the water and pour in brown sugar. Stir well, pour the tapioca powder into cubes and knead the dough.

2, take a small dose from the dough, knead into a small pearl, put the plate with cassava powder, shake the plate, make the pearls are wrapped in tapioca powder, sift, sieve off the excess tapioca powder, the rest is the pearl that can be boiled La! Do more at one time, then you can go to the freezer room~

3, boil the water into the pearl, change to medium heat for 20 minutes, remember to stir a few times in the middle to prevent sticking. At this point, you will find that the pearl is only transparent outside, and the middle is still solid. It doesn't matter. Turn off the heat for 20 minutes, it will be completely crystal clear! Remove it and put it into cold water for a while to remove the drain. At this point, QQ's pearls are complete!

4, milk tea part, boil water, add black tea bag to cook, cook until the tea is overflowing, pour milk into the mixture and continue to cook, slightly boil, then put sugar, taste according to personal taste, I do not love sweet , put a little sugar. After sifting off the tea bag and some of the leaked tea leaves, I will find that there will be a layer of milk skin, and it is good to cook it yourself.

5, after the milk skin is picked, the color of the milk tea is like this ~

6, put the cup, put in the pearl, you're done!


1, brown sugar water do not add cassava powder at a time, slowly add!

2, brown sugar can also be replaced by white sugar, but the pearls made will be white and transparent.

3, the sugar added to the milk tea can be replaced by honey, rock sugar and the like, as long as you like.

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