Test method for safety protection performance of high and low temperature low pressure test chamber


The test method for the safety protection performance of the high and low temperature low pressure test chamber is as follows:

1. The test of electrical insulation and protective grounding terminals shall be carried out once before and after the 6.3 test of GBT10590-2006 standard, and all shall comply with the requirements.

Second, the safety protection device test program:

1. Within the adjustable temperature range of high and low temperature and low pressure test chamber, according to high temperature 30 °C, 40 °C, 55 °C, 70 °C, 85 °C, 100 °C, 125 °C, 155 °C, 175 °C, low temperature 5 °C, -5 Optionally, three temperatures in the temperature range of °C, -25 ° C, -30 ° C, -40 ° C, -55 ° C, and -65 ° C are used as test temperatures.

2. Set the over-temperature protection and alarm temperature to the test temperature, then cool down or warm up. When the temperature of the geometric center point of the working space reaches the set temperature, the over-temperature protection device should act (stop cooling or heating) and simultaneously issue an alarm signal that meets the requirements of 5.3.3 of GBT10590-2006 standard. This test should be carried out three times in succession.

3. Judgment of test results of high and low temperature low pressure test chamber: During the test, if the alarm and protection device act every time, it will meet the requirements.


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