The stability of the glass drop droplets determines the bottle rate


In the production of glass bottles, the raw materials for glass bottles are heated and melted by a kiln, and then fed to the following bottle machines with different weights and different types of materials through an automatic scissor feeder. The production of glass bottles, while the stability of glass gobs is critical, can bring a significant role in production.

In the original glass factory, most of the kiln furnaces were semi-gas furnaces. The temperature of the glass liquid in the feeder bowl changed greatly, and the cut-off glass clusters were also of different sizes. Sometimes only oil guns (steam jets) were used. The observation hole is slowly adjusted and then it is difficult to use it after it is introduced into the bottle-making machine. Thus, the defective rate of the glass bottle made is high, which also affects the development of the glass bottle factory for a period of time.

In recent years, the kiln of the glass bottle factory has been changed to full gas, and the feed port of the feeder has also been replaced with electric heating (the high temperature electric silicon carbon rod is installed in the pot in a certain proportion and the temperature is automatically adjusted). The change of material temperature in the bowl can be controlled within 5 - 10 degrees from top to bottom. The feed droplets supplied to the bottle making machine are uniform and the elasticity is also very good. It completely solves the stability of the glass liquid and thus the production of the bottle machine. At the same time, the liquid is very easy to use, and the bottle-making rate of production is greatly improved.

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