The "talk" package that makes the company famous


According to a survey conducted by DuPont, the largest chemical industry company in the United States, 63% of consumers choose products based on their packaging. In addition to the function of protecting goods, packaging also conveys product information. As the saying goes, "A good package is a silent advertisement."

Let the package speak for the product

A typical packaging can not be separated from the trademark, product name, company name, site, production date, shelf life, implementation of standards and product specifications, grades, and the name and content of the main components contained in the necessary information, and complete these are inseparable Corresponding text, patterns, colors, shapes and materials are combined and matched. The author believes that in order to enhance the competitiveness of products, in addition to the above basic elements, the contents of the company's competitiveness must be filled in the packaging, such as Chinese well-known trademarks, local famous trademarks, pollution-free food, and countries. Traditional Chinese medicine protects varieties and passes ISO9000 series quality system certification, etc.

The logo of the company's progress and development. For example, the words “new product” and “second generation” all provide consumers with information on product improvement and quality improvement.

Product featured logo. Such words as special brewing, special music, special products, refined products, and high-quality products, deliberately expressing the uniqueness of products can enhance the profoundness and uniqueness of products and help establish their own market position. Lu Hua brand edible oil has used the concept of “special fragrance” to enhance the influence of the product. The “Chinese Herbal Essence” on the two-sided Chinese medicine toothpaste packaging box is also to strengthen the characteristics of the product.

In the case of foods that belong to local specialties, they need to be reflected. For example, “Beijing specialties” and “Shandong specialty products” are marked, and if not specified, the product image will be greatly reduced.

If the product itself has flaws and there are qualitative differences with similar products, this difference needs to be reflected. For example, a type of sugar produced by Sino-U.S. joint venture Kraft-Tianmei Foods Co., Ltd. is marked in Chinese and English with "real fruit juices" in the conspicuous areas of the package; for patented products, the patent number is specified on the package.

Encouraging logo. Through the use of appropriate words or patterns to stimulate consumption, it can attract attention and stimulate consumption. Such as a certain brand of hot sauce, the words "sweet enough," a few words, to a certain extent, it can arouse the attention of consumers. Linyi, a food company in Linyi, Shandong Province, has registered its trademark with a brand name of “Lao Sun Sun”. The company’s packaging bottle caps are marked with “A taste of the good craftsmanship of Lao Sun.” Consumers are unknowingly buying quality products and packaging. As stated above, it caused consumers to buy again. Another example is the “taste is the taste” of “Kangshifu” instant noodles, which is also a powerful language.

Make packaging famous for the enterprise

Environmental issues have increasingly attracted the attention of the community. Product packaging as a potential substance that may cause environmental problems, companies can not be indifferent to this issue. In fact, if companies want to establish an image of protecting the environment in front of the public, product packaging is a very good medium. For example, on the packaging, “Please use this product and put it in the trash after you use it”, or with a certain pattern to reflect the corporate social responsibility awareness of protecting the environment, this will be respected by consumers. With the gradual increase of public environmental awareness, the company’s initiatives in this area should be further increased.

The promotion itself is an important means of leading consumption, such as the purchase of one extra gift plus one free gift, one free gift of two, or the amount of non-uploading. Nongfu Spring seems to be on top of one another - the words "Buy a bottle of Nongfu Spring, which is a donation for the Hope Project" are printed on plastic bottles. The move can be said to be more than one: to arouse people's love for donations for Hope Project; to establish a corporate image of love; to contribute to social welfare; to display product ideas and lead healthy consumption.

Let packaging and social resonance

If product packaging can also pay attention to several issues in social development, it will undoubtedly enhance the connotation of the product. Such as the success of China’s Olympic bid, the words “I wish China's successful bid for the Olympic Games” are printed on the packaging in a timely manner, which can reflect the company’s social awareness and self-awareness of social development; similar to the coming of major festivals such as the Spring Festival, “Packon can be printed with "Happy" and other words can enhance the affinity of the product, because the gift is more appropriate, the gifter wishes to express their wishes, and the product packaging expresses for him.

Reliable consumption and safe consumption have become the subject of people's consumption in recent years. Enterprises in the packaging design should pay attention to meet the actual needs of consumers. For example, toilet paper manufacturers emphasize that the produced toilet paper does not contain phosphor; milk is “non-anti-milk” and “non-pollution milk”; the flour manufacturer’s “freezer-free agent” can eliminate consumer concerns. This is a very sensible move, given the general concern about consumer confidence. This simple text introduction sometimes becomes a direct reason for consumer choice.

The technical and knowledge content of products has become an issue of interest to people. Reflecting this aspect on the packaging will increase public awareness and enhance product awareness. Such as the joint development of scientific research institutes or colleges and universities, etc., to the audience can be a good dissemination of product technology information. On the packaging, health care products highlighted the words “developed by the China Nutrition Society”, which can establish the authority of the products and enhance consumers' trust.

With a unified brand as the main brand, sub-brands should also be properly established and marked on the packaging. For example, a brand of hot sauce uses a very delicious sub-brand “Onion Companion.” Mengniu’s new ice cream this year distinguishes several “changes,” “tops,” and “green moods.” Waveguide launches a mobile phone targeted at women. , further named "woman star", so that the product features more obvious, the market segmentation directly reflected.

A large-scale sports event or an event-designated product may seem insignificant, but it means the company’s own strength and status, and thus it can also enhance public trust.

In short, the content that can be accommodated on the product packaging is quite a lot. Enterprises should be based on their own industry and product characteristics, comprehensive analysis and selection to determine, to maximize the shaping of packaging value, and establish a good corporate image of society.

Chinese stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel tableware Western-style
Chinese: The main hotel used by gold and silver.
Western-style: mainly western cutlery restaurant dedicated multi-use.
Stainless steel is then mixed with iron-chromium alloy made of some other trace elements. Because of its good performance of metal and rust resistant than other metals, containers made from beautiful and durable. Therefore, more and more being used to make tableware, and gradually into the majority of families.

Modeling Features

Styling is characterized by open, deep belly, flat or ring foot, a variety of forms. Such as Lotus Petal Celadon bowl during the Six Dynasties, the Tang Yue Begonia style bowl, Xing glaze flower mouth bowl, appearing later bow bowl, bowl hat, lying full bowl, London style bowl, tureen, etc.
1, Palace Bowl: outside rim skimming, wide and deep abdominal Fung Yuen, correct modeling, mostly for the palace Appliances. Ching Ming fired when the most famous, the "Masanori bowl," said.
2, Yu feast: a style cup. The body of oval, shallow belly, flat. Abdominal opposite sides half-moon ears, there pie foot or pupil. Ming and Qing popular. Bowl title have believers who often beg content disciple name, alms time, mostly blue and white porcelain.

Lily Bowl

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