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The Application of Traditional Art in Modern Packaging Design

Paper-cut art, shadow art, prints, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, etc. are all Chinese traditional arts. They have a strong atmosphere of life. Through the refinement of their elements, they have a certain degree of commonality in modern aesthetic consciousness, thus conveying a spirit in packaging design. Connotation.

As one of the treasures of Chinese art, Chinese ink and wash painting is characterized by changeable brushwork and profound artistic conception. When the modern packaging design comes together with the traditional ink painting, its profound charm shows its decorativeness, which embodies unique visual effects and cultural details. Mr. Chen Youjian, a Hong Kong designer, has made breakthroughs in modern packaging design, combining traditional elements with modern design, and expressing profound national cultural characteristics and atmosphere. For example, his bag design adopts Chinese traditional ink painting techniques and is complemented by modern packaging concepts. It creates a unique visual effect without losing the sense of modernity.

The packaging design of Fenjiu uses the Chinese calligraphy art, highlights the theme in a simple and clear manner, and is simple and clear, quiet and dignified, revealing a deep Chinese flavor.

Hong Kong designer Chen Youjian made a bag design

Mr. Liu Wei designed fine wine packaging

Author/Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Media and Design Sui Jing Gu Huizhong

Source: "Shanghai Packaging," 2005, Issue 4,

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