UVC disc ink and its use


Substrates Substrates: CDs, CD-Rs, DVDs, VCDs and other substrates.

End Uses End product examples: CD, CD-R, DVD, VCD, etc.

Product Information Product Features: Get smooth, bright color effects on CDs and meet the optical speed of discs.

Application information Method of use: Screen-printing mesh (Mesh)—300 to 420 mesh. Stencil—Organic solvent-resistant photo-sensitive adhesive making screen. Squeegee - 60 ~ 70 °C polyurethane blade. Coverage—Approximately 35 m2/kg can be printed with a 350-mesh screen. Opacity - Cover and transparent colors. Printing (prepress preparation, printing process) (Printing) - mainly to determine whether the ink curing speed meets the rapid printing of the disc. Drying (Natural Drying Time) (Drying)—UV Ultraviolet Light Curing Solid Speed ​​(Cure)— 3000 to 4000 sheets/hour, 7.2 kw. Additives, catalysts (Clears/Extenders/Additives/Catalyst) - supporting special diluents, varnish. Adhesion testing - does not peel off with tape or the substrate is destroyed. Cleanup—Cleans the screen with washing water.

Caution 1. First, the viscosity of the ink should not be too high, so as not to affect high-speed printing. Second, attention should be paid to the color registration between the inks so as not to affect the adhesion. 2. The production range includes four colors. A solid color, transparent color.

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