What brand of creamer is good?


What brand of creamer is good? What brand of creamer is used in tea shops? Let Xiaobian take everyone to see it now!

        First of all, let's first understand what is creamer? The word creamer originated in Taiwan and evolved from the foreign language: creamer. Westerners are used to dividing "creamers" into two categories: non-dairy (plants) and milk-containing (including mixed), listed below:

Liquid containing milk: milk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, seasoned condensed milk.

Milk-containing powder: milk powder, cream powder, vegetable oil cream mixed powder.

Non-dairy liquid: plant evaporated milk, cream balls, glass bottled liquid creamer.

Non-dairy powder: non-dairy creamer, coffee mate.

        For friends who open tea shop, creamer is one of the essential ingredients for making tea in the tea shop. The choice of creamer directly affects the taste of milk tea. The taste of milk tea will have a huge impact on the business of tea shop. The impact, so choosing a good creamer is crucial for running a tea shop.

        Since the creamer is so important to the tea shop, what brand of creamer in the tea shop is good? First, we must use the regular manufacturer to produce qualified creamer. The important thing is to look at the milk tea blended by the creamer. In terms of performance, in general, the milk tea prepared is moderately concentrated, the milk is rich in fragrance, the color is bright and not dull, and the taste is smooth and smooth, which is a better creamer.

        The better creamer brands used in tea shops are: Nestle Creamer, Crystal Flower Creamer, Kiwi Bird Creamer, etc.

        When the tea shop purchases the creamer of one of the raw materials of milk tea, it is necessary to know about the creamer. It is best to taste the milk tea prepared by the creamer and decide what cream to use.

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