Wooden door maintenance six coup


The wooden door acts as a piece of furniture and has a long life cycle. In our daily life, wooden doors are inevitably bumped, not stained with oil, or “hanging a little color”, especially those white gates, and yellowing may occur over time. In the face of this small problem, let's solve it one by one.

First, in addition to the oil on the wooden door

Residual tea is an excellent cleaning agent. After wiping, spray a small amount of corn flour to wipe it. Finally, wipe the corn flour. Corn flour can absorb the dirt on the surface of the door, making the paint smooth and bright.

Second, in addition to the ink traces on the wooden door

Add two portions of white vinegar to one part of the water, wipe the ink on the wooden door with a sponge dampened mixture, then wash and dry.

Third, the treatment of white wooden door yellowing

The white paint on the surface of the furniture will turn yellow for a long time. Use a rag to wipe the toothpaste. Be careful not to use too much force. Also, mix the two egg yolks and apply them with a soft brush to the yellow area. After drying, use a soft cloth to be careful. The wipe can be cleaned up. In addition, be careful to avoid direct sunlight for direct sunlight during use.

Fourth, the treatment of wooden door scratches

If the furniture is accidentally scratched, but does not touch the wood below the paint film, use a soft cloth dipped in a little melted wax solution, apply it to the paint film and cover the wound. After the wax has hardened, apply a layer. This can be masked by repeatedly applying it several times.

Five, paint film burn marks repair method

If the furniture is accidentally burnt by cigarette butts or unfinished matches, leaving a scorch mark (wood without the burnt paint film), you can use a small piece of fine cloth to wrap a chopstick head and gently wipe the burning marks. Then apply a thin layer of wax to remove the scorch marks.

Sixth, there is a watermark under the paint film

The furniture was not wiped off in time due to the dripping of water. After a period of time, the water penetrated into the gap of the paint film and accumulated, which caused the paint film to form a watermark. At this time, just put a clean wet cloth on the water mark, and then carefully iron the cloth with the iron, so that the water collected in the watermark will be evaporated and the watermark will disappear.

Use six small tricks to make your wooden doors and wooden furniture look fresh and new, so you can enjoy the fresh feeling of wooden furniture with peace of mind.

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